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Fail-Safe #3

Fail-Safe was originally meant to be a live performance at the Glitterbox Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.

Olivia Nellis and I got accepted into the showcase, and we were gearing up to create a new duet, "trap-line."

Once the pandemic hit the states, Fail-Safe went virtual, and because Olivia and I didn't live together, we decided to create a dance film with our original choreographic concept, rather than perform a live piece. We got together in the woods, put up our set piece, and re-imagined our work to video format.

The virtual showcase was in July, 2020. Catch our vague teaser trailer below:

The complete video is off-line and occasionally being submitted around to dance film festivals.

Film credits:

Videographer: Wyatt Jackson

Video Editor and Soundscape Composer: Molly Huey

Dancers: Molly Huey & Olivia Nellis

Soundscape details:

Trap line

Composed by Molly Huey. quote by Voltaire, read by Wyatt Jackson. Using sounds from

"Ambience, Peaceful Synth.wav" by InspectorJ ( of

“Spooky Atmosphere.aif” by timgormly of

“TV Static SFX” by Abacagi of

“Birds in Spring (Scotland)” by BurghRecords of

“Old_broken_portable_cassette_recorder.wav” by UncleSigmund of

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