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The Art of Us - group show at Gallery5

The Art of Us, a group art show curated by TAOU in Richmond, Virginia, was held at Gallery5 Arts from February 3rd to February 26th. The opening reception was on Feb 3rd with live music.

Kat, co-creator of TAOU studio in Richmond, reached out to me asking if I'd like to create anything for a group show they were doing around the theme of bodies, titled, "The Art of Us." I'm not one to deny a good opportunity, so I quickly put together this lil .gif idea and titled it, "mousepad roots, touchpad struggle." I created a paper-mache desktop computer to display the gif in, which really brought my piece together, in my opinion. This was my first visual gallery showing. A fun piece about playing, about on purpose DIY in gallery settings, doing easy tasks in a hard way as a mode of performance, etc, fun silly ideas quickly put into the world. Grateful!

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