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Video Editing

Most of Huey's editing work is with the Richmond Ballet as the Media Specialist (2023-present). Previously, Huey worked as a videographer, video editor, and archivist for the Slippery Rock University Department of Dance (2017 - 2019). They also do editing work independently for dance films, reels, and promotional videos & enjoy creating .gifs and animating images.


Multi-angle Events/Performances

Seamlessly editing together performance footage from multiple angles. Huey has extensive experience doing multi-angle performance editing, which allows them to know when to cut from the back of house to HR or HL, highlighting what the choreographer intends to be seen in detail. They also have live switching experience.


Dance Film

Creatively editing a variety of film projects, Huey has a long list of dance films behind her. She focuses on showing authentic movement made for the camera, and has experience with how to edit creatively when the film budget is low (or zero). 



Promotional Reels/Trailers

Creating short clips as recap videos, film or event trailers, promotional reels, and reels for dance artists: performance reels and choreography reels.


Other Projects

Creating .gifs, animated intros and outros for videos,taking on various freelance editing tasks (including social media video), and editing personal vlogs/projects.

video editing reel
live longer
trap line title preview
SOAR 30 sec promo
Charon's obol 5pm
a conversation
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