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maybe try on some new clothes

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In 2017, I debuted my first duet that I wasn't also a performer in. I had grown so comfortable choreographing duets that I would also dance in, but the process of creating "maybe try on some new clothes" was a welcome challenge - separating myself from the performance was an entirely new process for me.

The piece explored themes of identity and 'molting' into a new version of yourself. Dancers: Lashonda Johnson & Alyssa George. Music: Not Human At All / Sleep Party People.

The biggest lesson I learned while creating this piece was to choose the right music. Although the music goes along with my movement intention and theme of "identity," it was overpowering, and it makes the dance seem half finished and, in my opinion, amateur ( was)!

I enjoyed it anyway, and maybe you will too:

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